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About Me

My name is Joy Knollenberg and I am the owner of Springlake Upholstery. For over 30 years I’ve practiced upholstering, woodworking, and repairing furniture.

What I Do

I repair and reupholster furniture and am especially known for my work with antique furniture. Whether it’s to repair a frame, replace padding, springs, foam, or feathers I can bring your furniture back to life.

Who I Am

I am passionate about community service. As a member of the Pekin Chamber of Commerce and the Local Pekin Lions Club, I am active in my community. Every year I donate finished products to local charity auctions, such as Good Shepherd Lutheran School.

Charity Work

When I’m not in the shop covering furniture, I am usually found creating items for family or local charity auctions. My creative outlet ranges from making custom purses, holiday slip covers, a variety of crocheted toys and dolls, or revamped furniture. Below are samples of these projects.