Circular Pattern Fabric Revives Couch

An Old, Dirty Couch Gets An Updated Look With Circular Pattern Fabric

It’s time had come and this beloved couch was old, dirty and ready for a new look. Everyone has their own opinion on how it should be updated, but the most important one is that of the owner. Another professional had told them they should change the style of the back cushions. But why? Especially when the customer liked them the way they were.

Picking a fabric can be hard. Most especially when there are thousands of options. At first, they had trouble finding a fabric, but eventually found the perfect selection in this grey, circular-patterned design. It’s a simple color with just enough pattern to give it appeal without being overwhelming.

The Circular Pattern Fabric

A pattern always presents specific challenges in maintaining continuity throughout the twists, turns, and sections of the piece of furniture. This circular design was no exception. All circular shapes should match up as one whole circle, even after it’s been physically interrupted by the welt (cording), front panel, and skirt.

Consistent with the nature of in-depth projects, focus on one detail can create a distraction from yet another. In this case, I forgot to match the pattern in one small section. While this seems like a small matter, it isn’t when it doesn’t look right. Furthermore, it was on the front of the piece. Consequently, the best solution was to hand-sew another piece directly over the existing one. As a result, the circle is complete and proof can be found in the picture labeled After Close-up Right Side. The spot is located where the bottom of the arm meets the skirt. In the end, the extra effort was worth it and the pattern’s continuity offers visual closure.

In conclusion, the final upholstered couch proudly displays a clean and updated look with a pleasant and satisfying pattern. The neutral grey color allows the flexibly to fit into most decor. Finally, its solid build will provide quality comfort for many years.