Upholster Couch Using a Tufting Technique While Matching The Diamond-Patterned Fabric

A Diamond-Patterned Fabric Presents a Unique Challenge with Upholstery Tufting & Matching Sections.

After the owner purchased a new sofa, she realized the quality wasn’t as good as the old sofa, so she returned it and gave Joy a call. She selected a beautiful and elegant fabric with a diamond pattern.

A diamond pattern always presents a unique set of challenges. First, to prevent the whole project from having a jumbled look, it is best to provide continuity by lining up the pattern from section to section. In this case, the pattern lines-up from the cushions to the skirt. While the bend in each arm breaks up the line in the pattern, the back still matches in the middle down to the cushions. The final result showcases the beautiful, diamond pattern as a cohesive whole.

The second challenge faced in this project with a diamond pattern is the use of an upholstery technique called tufting. The dense clusters of fabric the tufting process creates can jumble the continuity of any pattern. In order to prevent this, some extra measures were meticulously taken. Particularly, the spacing of the buttoning was adjusted and the flower placement in the center of each diamond area was used as an alignment guide.

Interesting fact! While in America we call this style Tufting, in Britain it is called Deep Buttoning.

In addition to the exterior aesthetics, when a piece of furniture is uncovered it is typical to find conditions that require some attention to maintain the integrity of the piece. In this case, the foam inside the arms and back was crushed and therefore it was replaced.